An evolving project by Eva Oh inspired by tea ceremony and the kink community.

#teakink aims to demystify the world and mind of the Dominatrix.

The first instalment was an interview series featuring some of the world’s most renowned Dominatrices. The second is an event series hosted worldwide.

Further instalments including a podcast, private ceremonies and tea ceremonial-bondage furniture are in progress and development.

#teakink Podcast

Unfiltered stories from my life.

#teakink Tokyo 2023

Yakumo Saryƍ, Tokyo
Watch or Listen to the #teakink Podcast Episode

#teakink NYC 2021

29b Teahouse, NYC
Bao Zhong (Taiwan) and Long Jing (China), Tea Dealers US

Mistress Ezada Sinn

Bucharest, Romania
2006 Mt Mensong Pu’er, Old Village SG

Lucy Sweetkill

New York City, USA
Ji Long Kan, Tea Drunk US

Adreena Angela

London, UK
Red Oolong, Plantation HK

Dominatrix Iris

Los Angeles, USA
2013 ‘Honey Jar’, Aged White Tea, KUURA AU

Miss Foxx

London, UK
Darjeeling First Flush, Canton Tea UK

Mistress Mari

Toronto, Canada
Da Hong Pao, Plantation HK

Private #teakink Ceremonies

I will pour you a tea of my choice whilst dressed in latex or leather, and we may also indulge in conversation under my direction. Apply here.

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